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french. 20. loves alex turner & arctic monkeys. whovian & sherlockian. obsesses over way too many things. was born in the wrong country, definitely. i also like to complain a lot.

Peter Capaldi - The Sunday Times photoshoot


Peter Capaldi - The Sunday Times photoshoot



After the fall, Jim suffers from brain damage. The personalities amid him conflict; and he finds himself burrowing into the character of Richard Brook. Sebastian Moran, loyal as ever, swears to continue to protect the man - but slowly starts to lose his patience when he realises his boss might have disappeared forever. It becomes evident, however, that this isn’t the case. ‘Jim’ is still there. And with him, his memories. 


Our little cupcake.

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oh god i am so so so sorry my dog died almost a year ago and i still cry when i think of him.. losing a pet is the worst thing that can happen *hugs* (you'll probably dream of her from time to time and when you'll wake up it'll be hell but when you'll stop dreaming about her it'll be even worse) be strong ♥

That’s exactly what I was thinking (about the dream part) just seconds ago. Plus, I remembered my dreams the last few nights so if I remember dreaming about her it’s gonna be awful.

It’s the first time I lose a pet that’s so close to me, this is going to be so hard, I can’t imagine.

Thank you for your kind words *hugs*

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junesoul replied to your post: Today my cat left me. She spent 10 yea…

:( *hugs*

Thank you, it means a lot. :( <3