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french. 20. loves alex turner & arctic monkeys. whovian & sherlockian. obsesses over way too many things. was born in the wrong country, definitely. i also like to complain a lot.
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oh god i am so so so sorry my dog died almost a year ago and i still cry when i think of him.. losing a pet is the worst thing that can happen *hugs* (you'll probably dream of her from time to time and when you'll wake up it'll be hell but when you'll stop dreaming about her it'll be even worse) be strong ♥

That’s exactly what I was thinking (about the dream part) just seconds ago. Plus, I remembered my dreams the last few nights so if I remember dreaming about her it’s gonna be awful.

It’s the first time I lose a pet that’s so close to me, this is going to be so hard, I can’t imagine.

Thank you for your kind words *hugs*

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junesoul replied to your post: Today my cat left me. She spent 10 yea…

:( *hugs*

Thank you, it means a lot. :( <3

Today my cat left me. She spent 10 years by my side, but a kidney disease took her away. She refused to eat, lost a lot of weight and couldn’t live longer like this, or else she would’ve fallen into a coma in the next couple days.
The thing is I was away from her because of hwork, in a totally different town and too far away for me to get there in time. My mother took care of her until she went away.
I think it is the worst thing that ever happened to me, I miss her already. & I didn’t have the chance to say real goodbyes. I love her so much, so so much. It’s going to be hard living without her. 

But there won’t be a single thing that you can do


hello 911 my sock is falling down inside my shoe 


how i deal with my feelings

  • never talk about them
  • barely acknowledge them
  • hope they go away
  • i don’t, basically
  • that’s what i’m saying
  • i do not deal with my feelings